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T. Yasuda, T. Ishihara, A. Ichimura, N. Ishihara.
Mitochondrial dynamics define muscle fiber types by modulating cellular metabolic pathways.
Cell Rep. 42 (5): 112434 (2023) PubMed

H. Harada, K. Moriya, H. Kobuchi, N. Ishihara, T. Utsumi.
Protein N-myristoylation plays a critical role in the mitochondrial localization of human mitochondrial complex I accessory subunit NDUFB7.
Sci. Rep. 13 (1): 22991 (2023) PubMed

K. Hozumi, K. Sugawara, T. Ishihara, N. Ishihara, W. Ogawa.
Effects of imeglimin on mitochondrial function, AMPK activity, and gene expression in hepatocytes.
Sci. Rep. 13 (1): 746 (2023) PubMed

Y. Abe, R. J.A. Wanders, H.R. Waterham, H. Mandel, T.C. Falik-Zaccai, N. Ishihara, Y. Fujiki.
Genetic defects in peroxisome morphogenesis (Pex11β, DLP1, and NME3) affect DHA-phospholipid metabolism.
Journal of Inherited Metabolic Disease. 46(2): 273-285 (2023) PubMed


T. Ishihara#, R. Ban-Ishihara#, A. Ota, N. Ishihara.
Mitochondrial nucleoid trafficking regulated by the inner-membrane AAA-ATPase ATAD3A modulates respiratory complex formation. (# equally contributed)
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA. 119 (47): e2210730119 (2022) PubMed

K. Ishikawa, Y. Honma, A. Yoshimi, S. Katada, T. IshiharaN. Ishihara. K. Nakada.
Pearson syndrome-like anemia induced by accumulation of mutant mtDNA and anemia with imbalanced white blood cell lineages induced by Drp1 deletion in a murine model.
Pharmacol. Res. 185: 106467 (2022) PubMed

T. Thoudam, D. Chand, IS. Sinam, BG. Kim, MJ. Kim, CJ. Oh, JY, Lee, MJ. Kim, SY. Park, SY. Lee, MK. Jung, JY. Mun, RA. Harris, N. Ishihara, JH. Jeon, IK. Lee.
Non-canonical PDK4 action alters mitochondrial dynamics to affect the cellular respiratory status.
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA. 119(34): e2120157119 (2022) PubMed

K. Fukui, T. Takahashi, H. Matsunari, A. Uchikura, H. Nagashima, N. Ishihara, T. Kakuma, Y. Watanabe, Y. Yamashita, M. Yoshino.
Moving towards a novel therapeutic strategy for hyperammonemia that targets glutamine metabolism.
Journal of Inherited Metabolic Disease. 45(6): 1059-1069 (2022) PubMed

Y. Wang, M. Yu, K. Matsushita, C. Liu, N. Ishihara, M. Nomura, M. Tsai, S.J. Galli.
Dynamin Related Protein 1 Differentially Regulates FcεRI- and SP-induced Mast Cell Activation.
Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology. 150(5): 1228-1231 (2022) PubMed

M. Tagaya, S. Kume, M. Yasuda-Yamahara, S. Kuwagata, K. Yamahara, N. Takeda, Y. Tanaka, M. Chin-Kanasaki, Y. Nakae, H. Yokoi, M. Mukoyama, N. Ishihara, M. Nomura, S. Araki. H. Maegawa.
Inhibition of mitochondrial fission protects podocytes from albumin-induced cell damage in diabetic kidney disease.
Biochim. Biophys. Acta – Molecular Basis of Disease. 1868(51): 166368 (2022) PubMed


S. Yamada, A. Sato, N. Ishihara, H. Akiyama, S. Sakakibara. 
Drp1 SUMO/deSUMOylation by Senp5 isoforms influences ER tubulation and mitochondrial dynamics to regulate brain development.
iScience. doi: 10.1016/j.isci.2021.103484 (2021) PubMed

T. Ishihara#, H. Kanon#, R. Ban-Ishihara, N. Ishihara.
Multiple assay systems to analyze the dynamics of mitochondrial nucleoids in living mammalian cells. (#equally contributed)
Biochim. Biophys. Acta – General Subjects. 1865(7): 129874 (2021) PubMed

Takeichi, T. Miyazawa, S. Sakamoto, Y. Hanada, L. Wang, S. Katsuhara, R. Sakamoto, T. Ishihara, K. Masuda, N. Ishihara, M. Nomura, Y. Ogawa.
Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Diseases in Mice with Hepatocyte-specific Deletion of Mitochondrial Fission Factor.
Diabetologia.  doi: 10.1007/s00125-021-05488-2. (2021) PubMed


Y. Hanada, N. Ishihara*(corresponding author), L. Wang, H. Otera, T. Ishihara, T. Koshiba, K. Mihara, Y. Ogawa, M. Nomura.
MAVS is energized by Mff which senses mitochondrial metabolism via AMPK for acute antiviral immunity.
Nature Communications. 11: 5711. doi: 10.1038/s41467-020-19287-7. (2020)  PubMed

E. Ogasawara, K. Nakada, N. Ishihara
Distal control of mitochondrial biogenesis and respiratory activity by extracellular lactate caused by large-scale deletion of mitochondrial DNA.
Pharmacol. Res. doi: 10.1016/j.phrs.2020.105204. (2020PubMed

A. Ota, T. Ishihara, N. Ishihara 
Mitochondrial nucleoid morphology and respiratory function are altered in Drp1-deficient HeLa cells.
J. Biochem. 167: 287-294 (2020) PubMed

O. Udagawa, N. Ishihara
Mitochondrial dynamics and interorganellar communication in the development and dysmorphism of mammalian oocytes.
J. Biochem. 167: 257-266 (2020) PubMed
in JB Special Issue—Dynamics Regulation of Mitochondria (Volume 167, Issue 3, March 2020), Guest edited by Naotada Ishihara and Howard Jacobs

T. Ban, N. Ishihara
Analysis of Mitochondrial Membrane Fusion GTPase OPA1 Expressed by the Silkworm Expression System.
Methods Mol. Biol. 2159:115-127 (2020)  PubMed
(Book Title: Dynamin Superfamily GTPases. Methods and Protocols. 2020. Editors: Ramachandran, Rajesh)


T. Ban, H. Kohno, T. Ishihara, N. Ishihara.
Relationship between OPA1 and cardiolipin in mitochondrial inner-membrane fusion.
BBA – Bioenergetics   1859: 951-957 (2018)  PubMed

E. Ueda,  N. Ishihara.
Mitochondrial hyperfusion causes neuropathy in a fly model of CMT2A.
EMBO Rep. 19: e46502 (2018)  Pubmed

Y. Miyazono, S. Hirashima, N. Ishihara, J. Kusukawa, K.I. Nakamura, K. Ohta.
Uncoupled mitochondria quickly shorten along their long axis to form indented spheroids, instead of rings, in a fission-independent manner.
Sci. Rep. 8: 350. doi: 10.1038/s41598-017-18582-6. (2018) PubMed

K. Schmitt, A. Grimm, R. Dallmann, B. Oettinghaus, L.M. Restelli, M. Witzig, N. Ishihara, K. Mihara, J.A. Ripperger, U. Albrecht, S. Frank, S.A. Brown, A. Eckert.
Circadian Control of DRP1 Activity Regulates Mitochondrial Dynamics and Bioenergetics.
Cell Metab. 27: 657-666 (2018) PubMed

T. Ban and N. Ishihara.
Expression and Purification of Mitochondrial Membrane Protein OPA1 for Reconstitution of Membrane Fusion. 
Silkworm Biofactory: Silk to Biology. CRC Press (2018)


T. Ban, T. Ishihara, H. Kohno, S. Saita, A. Ichimura, K. Maenaka, T. Oka, K. Mihara, N. Ishihara.
Molecular basis of selective mitochondrial fusion by heterotypic action between OPA1 and cardiolipin.
Nature Cell Biol. 19: 856-863 (2017) PubMed

N. Ishihara, M. Maeda, T. Ban, K. Mihara.
Cell-free mitochondrial fusion assay detected by specific protease reaction revealed Ca2+ as regulator of mitofusin-dependent mitochondrial fusion.
J. Biochem. 162: 287–294 (2017) PubMed

T. Ban and N. Ishihara.
Expression and purification of recombinant human L-OPA1 using BmNPV bacmid-silkworm expression system.
Protoc. Exch. http://dx.doi.org/10.1038/protex.2017.053 (2017) link

H. Iihoshi, T. Ishihara, S. Kuroda, N. Ishihara*, H. Saitoh*.
Aclarubicin, an anthracycline anti-cancer drug, fluorescently contrasts mitochondria and reduces the oxygen consumption rate in living human cells.
Toxicol. Lett. 227: 109-114 (2017) PubMed

H. Tamada, S. Kiryu-Seo, H. Hosokawa, K. Ohta, N. Ishihara, M. Nomura, K. Mihara, K. Nakamura, H. Kiyama
Three-dimensional analysis of somatic mitochondrial dynamics in fission-deficient injured motor neurons using FIB/SEM.
J Comp. Neurol. 525: 2535-2548 (2017) PubMed

M. Ariyoshi, M. Katane, K. Hamase, Y. Miyoshi, M. Nakane, A. Hoshino, Y. Okawa, Y. Mita, S. Kaimoto, M. Uchihashi, K. Fukai, K. Ono, S. Tateishi, D. Hato, R. Yamanaka, S. Honda, Y. Fushimura, E. Iwai-Kanai, N. Ishihara, M. Mita, H. Homma, and S. Matoba.
D-Glutamate is metabolized in the heart mitochondria.
Sci. Rep. 7:43911 (2017)  PubMed

N. Ishihara and K. Mihara.
PARL paves the way to apoptosis.
Nature Cell Biol. 19: 263-265 (2017)  PubMed


S. Saita, T. Ishihara, M.Maeda, S. Iemura, T. Natsume, K. Mihara and N. Ishihara.
Distinct types of protease systems are involved in homeostasis regulation of mitochondrial morphology via balanced fusion and fission.
Genes Cells 21: 408-424 (2016) PubMed

S. Kiryu-Seo, H. Tamada, Y. Kato, K. Yasuda, N. Ishihara, M. Nomura, K. Mihara, H. Kiyama.
Mitochondrial fission is an acute and adaptive response in injured motor neurons.
Sci. Rep. 6:28331 (2016) PubMed

B. Oettinghaus, J. Schulz, L. Restelli, C. Savoia, A. Schmidt, K. Schmitt, A. Grimm, L. Morè, J. Hench, M. Tolnay, A. Eckert, P. D’Adamo, P. Franken, N. Ishihara, K. Mihara, J. Bischofberger, L. Scorrano S. Frank.
Synaptic dysfunction, memory deficits and hippocampal atrophy due to ablation of mitochondrial fission in adult forebrain neurons.
Cell Death Differ. 23: 18-28 (2016) PubMed


T. Ishihara, R. Ban-Ishihara, M. Maeda, Y. Matsunaga, A. Ichimura, S. Kyogoku, H. Aoki, S. Katada, K. Nakada, M. Nomura, N. Mizushima, K. Mihara, and N. Ishihara.
Dynamics of mtDNA nucleoids regulated by mitochondrial fission is essential for maintenance of homogeneously active mitochondria during neonatal heart development.
Mol. Cell. Biol. 35: 211–223 (2015) PubMed

R. Ban-Ishihara#, S. Tomohiro-Takamiya#, M. Tani, J. Baudier, N. Ishihara*, O. Kuge*.
COX assembly factor ccdc56 regulates mitochondrial morphology by affecting mitochondrial recruitment of Drp1.
FEBS Lett. 589: 3126-3132 (2015)  PubMed

T. Ishihara, H. Kohno, N. Ishihara.
Physiological roles of mitochondrial fission in cultured cells and mice development.
Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences. 1350: 77-81 (2015) PubMed

K. Arasaki, H. Shimizu, H. Mogari, N. Nishida, N. Hirota, A. Furuno, Y. Kudo, M. Baba, N. Baba, J. Cheng, T. Fujimoto, N. Ishihara, C. Ortiz-Sandoval, L. Barlow, A. Raturi, N. Dohmae, Y. Wakana, H. Inoue, K. Tani, J. Dacks, T. Simmen, and M. Tagaya.
A role for the ancient SNARE syntaxin 17 in regulating mitochondrial division.
Dev. Cell. 32: 304–317 (2015) PubMed

A. Jahani-Asl, E. Huang, I. Irrcher, J. Rashidian, N. Ishihara, DC. Lagace, RS. Slack, DS. Park.
CDK5 phosphorylates DRP1 and drives mitochondrial defects in NMDA-induced neuronal death.
Hum. Mol. Genet. 24: 4573-4583 (2015) PubMed

L. Wang, T. Ishihara, Y. Ibayashi, K. Tatsushima, D. Setoyama, Y. Hanada, Y. Takeichi, S. Sakamoto, S. Yokota, K. Mihara, D. Kang, N. Ishihara, R. Takayanagi, M. Nomura.
Disruption of mitochondrial fission in the liver protects mice from diet-induced obesity and metabolic deterioration.
Diabetologia. 58: 2371-2380 (2015) PubMed


O. Udagawa, T. Ishihara, M. Maeda, Y. Matsunaga, S. Tsukamoto, N. Kawano, K. Miyado, H. Shitara, S. Yokota, M. Nomura, K. Mihara, N. Mizushima, and and N. Ishihara.
Mitochondrial fission factor Drp1 maintains oocyte quality via dynamic rearrangement of multiple organelles.
Curr. Biol. 24: 2451-2458 (2014) PubMed


R. Ban-Ishihara, T. Ishihara, N. Sasaki, K. Mihara, and N. Ishihara.
Dynamics of nucleoid structure regulated by mitochondrial fission contributes to cristae reformation and release of cytochrome c.
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA. 110:11863-11868 (2013) PubMed

K. Onoue, A. Jofuku, R. Ban-Ishihara, T. Ishihara, M. Maeda, T. Koshiba, T. Itoh, M. Fukuda, H. Otera, T. Oka, H. Takano, N. Mizushima, K. Mihara, and N. Ishihara.
Fis1 acts as a mitochondrial recruitment factor for TBC1D15 that is involved in regulation of mitochondrial morphology.
J. Cell Sci. 126: 176-85 (2013)  PubMed

Y. Ohba, T. Sakuragi, E. Kage-Nakadai, N.H. Tomioka, N. Kono, R. Imae, A. Inoue, J. Aoki, N. Ishihara, T. Inoue, S. Mitani, H. Arai.
Mitochondria-type GPAT is required for mitochondrial fusion.
EMBO J. 32: 1265–1279 (2013)  PubMed

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New insights into the function and regulation of mitochondrial fission.
BBA. 1833: 1256-68 (2013)  PubMed

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Regulation and physiologic function of GTPases in mitochondrial fusion and fission in mammals.
Antioxid. Redox Signal. 19: 389-399 (2013) PubMed


S. Sekine, Y. Kanamaru, M. Koike, A. Nishihara, M. Okada, H. Kinoshita, M. Kamiyama, J. Maruyama, Y. Uchiyama, N. Ishihara, K. Takeda, H. Ichijo. Rhomboid protease PARL mediates the mitochondrial membrane potential loss-induced cleavage of PGAM5.
J. Biol. Chem. 287: 34635-34645 (2012) PubMed

A. K. G. Velikkakath, T. Nishimura, E. Oita, N. Ishihara, and N. Mizushima.
Mammalian Atg2 proteins are essential for autophagosome formation and important for regulation of size and distribution of lipid droplets.
Mol. Biol. Cell. 23:896-909 (2012) PubMed


S. R. Yoshii, C. Kishi, N. Ishihara, and N. Mizushima.
Parkin mediates proteasome-dependent protein degradation and rupture of the outer mitochondrial membrane.
J. Biol. Chem. 286: 19630-19640 (2011) (F1000、The Best of JBC) PubMed


N. Ishihara, M. Nomura, A. Jofuku, H. Kato, S. O. Suzuki, K. Masuda, H. Otera, Y. Nakanishi, I. Nonaka, Y-i. Goto, N. Taguchi, H. Morinaga, M. Maeda, R. Takayanagi, S. Yokota, and K. Mihara.
Mitochondrial fission factor Drp1 is essential for embryonic development and synapse formation in mice.
Nature Cell Biol. 11:958-966 (2009) PubMed

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Mitofusin 2 inhibits mitochondrial antiviral signaling.
Science Signal. 2: ra47 (2009) PubMed

N. Ishihara, and N. Mizushima.
A receptor for eating mitochondria.
Dev. Cell 17: 1-2 (2009) PubMed

(Before 2008, N. Ishihara)

S. Tamai, H. Iida, S. Yokota, T. Sayano, S. Kiguchiya, N. Ishihara, J. Hayashi, K. Mihara, and T. Oka.
Characterization of a mitochondrial protein LETM1 that maintains the mitochondrial tubular shapes and interacts with an AAA-ATPase BCS1L.
J. Cell Sci. 121: 2588-2600 (2008) PubMed

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Mitotic phosphorylation of dynamin-related GTPase Drp1 participates in mitochondrial fission.
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Identification of a novel protein that regulates mitochondrial fusion by modulating mitofusin (Mfn) protein function.
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Export of mitochondrial AIF in response to proapoptotic stimuli depends on processing at the intermembrane space.
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Mitofusin 1 and 2 play distinct roles in mitochondrial fusion reactions via GTPase activity.
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Two Mitofusin proteins, mammalian homologues of FZO, with distinct functions are both required for mitochondrial fusion.
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Formation of the ~350 kD Apg12-Apg5-Apg16 multimeric complex, mediated by Apg16 oligomerization, is essential for autophagy in yeast.
J. Biol. Chem. 277:18619-18625 (2002) PubMed

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Autophagosome requires specific early Sec proteins for its formation and NSF/SNARE for vacuolar fusion.
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Two distinct Vps34 phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase complexes function in autophagy and Carboxypeptidase Y sorting in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.
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A ubiquitin-like system mediates protein lipidation.
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Malfolded cytochrome P-450(M1) localized in unusual membrane structures of endoplasmic reticulum in cultured animal cells.
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